Monday, November 12, 2007

Pillow Talk

"Yes Kyle..."
"When I see a shooting star, I'm gonna wish for super powers."
"What kind of super powers do you want, sweetie?"
"What will you do with it?"
"When someone is in trouble, I'll be the fastest one in town!"
"That's awesome honey! Let's pray now."
"Ok. Can I say the "in Jesus name" part?"
"Of course."


"Goodnight Kyle."

(short pause....)

"Mom? "
"Yes Kyle..."
"If you and Vince get married, can we have a barn?"
"Why do you want a barn?"
"Cuz I do."
"What would you put in a barn, sweetie?"
"A horse, a llama that walks sideways (author's note: they actually do) and baby chicks."
"Ok, honey, we'll see. Goodnight Kyle."

(a little longer pause)

"Yes Kyle..."
"If you saw a shooting star, what would you wish for?"
"Hmmm.....I think I would wish for a bigger house for us to live in."
"No, Mom, it has to be something for just you."
"How about flowers? You like flowers."
"Yes I do! Ok, I'd wish for flowers. Goodnight Kyle. "

(deceivingly long pause)

"Yes Kyle..."
"Santa's here!" (cracks up laughing)
"'s time to go to sleep, honey."
"Ok Mommy. G'night"
"Goodnight Kyle, I love you."
"I love you too."

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