Sunday, July 22, 2018

Just a summer weekend

It's been a lovely and productive weekend.  Both Vince and I have had stressful weeks at work, so we needed a good weekend.  Yesterday, this is what the afternoon looked like at our house...first of all, tho, I can't believe how HUGE this flower box has gotten!!  It loves the shade.  I'm going to have to remember this for future summers.

Saturday afternoon found us doing various things around the with the budgetting...

Vince fixing...something?

Kailey and Kyle lunching and talking...

Miss Goodview and the royalty court practicing their float dances...

And Macey at Vince's feet...she's such a daddy's girl.

Vince and I spend several hours this weekend purging and organizing things in our storage room. After a trip to Good Will and countless trips up and down the stairs, what we used to refer to as our "hoarder's room" is now neat and organized.  Hallelujah! We have only things we intend to use or keep as keepsakes, we can get to everything, and we even have a couple shelves of toys for the grandkids.  I did the same thing recently in our office, and the surplus from that project has been lining our hallway for the past several weeks, so it's nice to have that all put away. One room at a time, we are getting there.

Sunday morning started out with some sweet time with God and my husband, who made me a delicious breakfast.  I'm starting a new bible study...Seamless by Angi Smith, who is one of my favorite authors.  When the introduction makes me cry, I know the study is going to be amazing so I'm eagerly anticipating this one.  

After finishing the aforementioned storage room project by noon, we decided we needed a little time away, so we met Vince's sister and her husband in one of our favorite little towns...Lanesboro!  It's exactly halfway between Rollingstone and their home in Decorah, and luckily they were up for a spontaneous little getaway.  The drive there is always beautiful, no matter what the season.  We had lunch and great conversation at this great little place, Pedal Pushers Cafe.  Our sides were served in little flower pots, which Denise and I loved alot :)

After lunch we meandered around town and explored a few of their downtown shops, and ended up at the waterfall by the river.  It's actually a dam, not a natural waterfall, but still...the sight and sound of water and nature has become something I crave.  

Sunday, July 01, 2018

North Shore ~ day 5

The last day of our vacation has arrived.  It was cold and rainy again this morning, so we weren't able to make one last walk down to the cove as I had planned, but that's ok.  We were down there several times and have lots of pics and memories to treasure.  

After packing up we sat by our window enjoying the view and sound of the waves together one last time...

Time to say goodbye...we'll be back!

We had some super fun weather to drive home in.  Hmmph.  Kinda put a cramp in our plans for today, which included driving along the North Shore Scenic Drive and seeing a lighthouse and another waterfall.  

But just as we thought we wouldn't seen anything but rain all day, we happened upon this beautiful surprise along the highway...!  Vince saw it just as we were crossing the bridge (I was paying attention to the road).  We back tracked and he got some pics in the rain.  

We had been hearing about Betty's Pies all weekend!  So, of course we had to stop there for some pies to bring home...strawberry rhubarb and caramel apple.  

We made it to Duluth and decided, after researching our options online, to stop at OMC Smokehouse for lunch...for two reasons.  One ~ we haven't been to a smokehouse for a long time and two ~ the name is OMC...Oink, Moo, Cluck!  Isn't that the cutest!  
How could we NOT eat there?  

We got the best seat in the place, and it was packed so apparently we aren't the only ones who think a restaurant named "oink, moo, cluck" is irresistible.

They brought homemade pork rinds to every idea, but we didn't care for them.

Wherever we went there were local beers for Vince to try and this place was no exception.

And the food was very good as well.  We anticipated that it would be because it was so busy and smelled amazing the minute we walked in the door...they did not disappoint.

Vince got the OMC plate, which had pork ribs (my favorite of the three), beef brisket, and chicken.  

Oink!  Moo!  Cluck!  :)

The drive from Duluth home seemed to take f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Ugh.  It continued to rain until about Rochester, but with lots of coffee, 80's tunes, and some trivia we made the best of it.

And now we are finally home.  I'm so glad we took lots of pics and it's been fun blogging our trip.   Now we can relive it whenever we want and share it with our friends and family.
I never want to forget what a wonderful time we had.

And how good it feels to be home again.