Friday, October 27, 2017

Bucket list - part 2

7)  Take a long weekend (or longer) trip to Napa Valley (with Mr. Wonderful, of course), where we can visit some amazing wineries and stay in a cozy bed & breakfast.  Or three.  Yea, we need more than a long weekend for this one.

Wait...I was going to think of some smaller things.  Ok.

8)  Swim with dolphins.  DANG IT!  That's a big thing too. 

Aren't they just the cutest things ever??  I love dolphins so much.  And if I got to actually swim with a baby dolphin I think I would die right there.

9)  Make a Rollingstone calendar.  Our little community has alot of character and beauty.  I didn't take these pics, but I'd like to take pics of our town throughout each of the seasons and make them into a calendar.

10)  Run a 5K.

11)  Take a nap in a hammock. In my backyard. Lots of times.

12)  Build a raised garden and actually grow vegetables in it.  Then I want to learn about canning so I can can the produce, as well as homemade pasta sauce, pickles and strawberry jam.

13)  Learn how to make really good potato salad.

14)  Finish my scrapbooks.  I haven't printed pictures since 2009!

15)  Grow roses and lilies in our yard.  And as long as I'm dreaming a bit...I'd like to landscape the whole yard, build a new multi-layer deck with a covered roof, comfy chairs and a firepit.  And frame the whole thing with a white picket fence covered in vinery.  Is that a word?  It should be.

16)  Live debt free.  It's doable.  Then we could truly enjoy all of this.

It's time

I tried. 

Since April I have tried to like my iPad calendar instead of a paper planner.  I really did.  But it just didn't take, because...


It's time I just accept the fact that I need to have a paper planner for all the rest of my days.  So today I ordered my new baby and it will be here on Tuesday :)  Happy days are (almost) here again and all feels right with the world.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bucket List - part 1

I've never written my "bucket list" before, so tonight I've decided to start to compose mine.  Here no particular order:

1)  Tour the Holy Land.  I have wanted to do this for some time, but to be honest I have never thought I would actually go.  I hope to someday.  I want to be as close to Jesus in this life as humanly possible and I think being where He was on this earth would be amazing.  Seeing what He saw...the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee, walking the streets of Nazareth where He grew up, sitting on the hills where He preached, and praying where He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I have no doubt it would be life changing.

2)  Spend a week at a cabin with all of our kids and grandkids, every summer.  It would be cool if we owned our own cozy little cabin, somewhere within a few hours of home so we could spend weekends there too.  But renting a place would be good too.  Somewhere rustic, on a lake, with a pontoon, a firepit outside and a fireplace inside.  And a hammock in the yard.  Lots of flowers and birds.  And someone else to keep it clean and maintained, of course!  A little bit of time together with no distractions and no worries.  Talking, laughing, exploring, relaxing.  Heaven.


3)  Reach my ideal weight and optimal health.  So I can enjoy the rest of my life to it's fullest, and be comfortable and energetic doing it.

4)  Vacation with Mr. Wonderful in Hawaii - because salmon!  And they have some of the best snorkeling in the world and I FREAKING LOVE snorkeling!  And my husband.  And sunsets over the ocean.

5)  Take a trip to New York City and see a show on Broadway...Wicked, Phantom, and Lion King would top my list.

6)  Tour Europe - specifically England, France, and Italy.  I want to walk the cobblestone streets, smell the flowers, eat authentic Italian food, enjoy the beautiful architecture and listen to people speak French.

Hmmm....I'm sensing a pattern here.  Apparently most of my bucket list involves traveling!  I should probably pick some smaller things too.  To be continued...