Thursday, May 08, 2008

~ Home Sweet Home ~

We closed on our new house on Tuesday!!! Yay!!! We've got the keys, the house is ours! I can't even begin to describe how blessed we feel. It still doesn't exactly feel real, but at the same time it feels so natural and so right. It feels like our home already. Walking through the house on Tuesday with Vince...we could just see ourselves living there, being a family. (Funny thing...I found out after the fact that there was a TORNADO warning going on while we were obliviously perusing our new house, and we didn't even know it! Wow!) The house is in great condition but we do have a little work to do before moving in.....finishing the construction of Vinny and Nick's bedrooms, and painting Hope & Kyle's rooms will definitely have to be done before the move. We will eventually paint all the rooms in the house - either out of necessity or just to change the color, but other than that it is ready!

The plan is (if I haven't explained this already...) the boys and I will stay in our house until the wedding, in the mean time we will get the new house ready and will begin moving stuff in on the weekends. Vince & kids will move into the new house sometime after school's out ~ which is only a month away!! AAAK!