Sunday, May 06, 2012

Finishing what I start, and Brain Flatulence: The Candle Edition

I had a revelation about myself recently.  It's something I have been aware of for some time, but never really saw as an issue that needed addressing.  Others may have recognized it far sooner than myself (namely a husband or two, or a kid or six) but me?  It's taken me a bit longer.  No, I'm not talking about the time that I missed a turn while driving.  (While I admit that has happened a time...or two...hundred).  I am talking about starting projects and not finishing them.

My list of offenses is quite long...including (but not limited to) our wedding scrapbook, family scrapbooks since 2008, my Christmas Memories book, Kyle's baby book (yes I know he's ten, get OFF me!) and my birthday and anniversary calendar.  It's called a "perpetual calendar" actually, and you write down birthdays and anniversaries and keep it hanging next to your regular calendar. No more forgetting birthdays or having to write them all on the calendar every year, 'cause it's already there!  Cha!

So since I started that little project, oh let's say two years ago, I decided to tackle that one as my first "finishing what I have already started before moving on to something new" project.  Hope and I had a girl's night this past Friday night.  Vince and all the boys took all their testosterone with them and went to the new Avengers movie, so Hope and I cranked up her ipod, made cookie bars and did some scrappin'!  She worked on her Disney book from her trip with her aunt and uncle and cousin (eh-hem) in 2009, and I worked on the calendar.  I had SO MUCH FUN scrapping each month's page with cute holiday themes and writing in all the birthdays and anniversaries of everyone in our families!!

I think September is my favorite...

Or maybe August...

July is kind of manic, which fits because it's my birthday month...

And November, I just love November...

And now, after many hours and dollars, it's done and hanging on our wall.  SUCH a sense of accomplishment!  Oh the joy and adulation!

So it was kind of a bummer when I accidently set it on fire.


Apparently, setting it on the counter a little too close to a burning candle was not the best idea I've ever had.

It could have been much worse, right?   (Feigns gratitude.)  I mean, I could have burned the whole kitchen down and potentially the entire house.

Jump start the candle paranoia.

One would think I would have learned after the relatively recent time that I burned the candles on our entertainment center without trimming the wicks, which caused the flames to burn higher than they should have been and set off the smoke alarms.  And singe a nice black spot on our ceiling, which I pretend is just a shadow.

Someone CLEARLY needs to take my candles away and buy me some more Scentsy's.