Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's about time

So, she finally did it.  After over two weeks of this...

Feliz finally stood up to Macey.  It's about time.  Poor Feliz has been bit, pounced on, and chased out of her bed multiple times over the past two weeks by her nemesis new little sister.  We didn't let Macey go too far, but we also knew that Feliz would have to set her own boundaries at some point.  Well, yesterday she finally had enough, and she actually growled and stood her ground...

Once Macey saw that Feliz was not the least bit impressed with her antics...

she submitted and subsequently piddled on our carpet in submission - never thought I'd be happy about that!

But then they started playing together...

Yay!  It's just the cutest thing.

I think they are destined to be great friends.

We had a fun day with the kids yesterday.  All of us were off work and school for President's day, so we headed to LaCrosse for some "guy time" and "girl time" - the boys went to MC Sports and Hope and I hit the mall.

To be honest, I started our little treck quite crabby after a not-so-good night's sleep (please tell me that this puppy will eventually sleep through the night).  But my husband, who is so very intuitive and awesome, pulled into the Target/Starbucks parking lot on our way out of town, announced to the kids that he was getting something for his WIFE ONLY, and emerged with an iced mocha complete with an extra shot of happy juice espresso.  He knows me so well (she's tired and crabby...better get her some chocolate and caffeine STAT).  It almost made me feel guilty for calling him a "poopy head brat face" earlier.  Almost.

Last evening involved buzzing Nick and Kyle's hair...

And check out this drawing of Johnny Bench that Nick put the final touches on for his art class...

Ok.  You can both stop growing up now.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our week in review

Our sweet, calm little puppy Macey...

...has morphed herself into a manic, bitey little alligator baby. 

I'm not sure why this has happened, but we are doing our best to follow all the advice we can find when googling "someone please help us, our puppy is posessed and even though we have a virtual pet store full of toys to choose from, she is using us as her preferred chew toys". 

Feliz is still highly annoyed at her new little sister's presence. 

She tries to defend herself and let out a pitiful little growl once in a while when she is being attacked played with by Macey.  But most of the time she retreats to her kennel or comes running to us wide eyed with her tail tucked firmly between her legs, seeking protection from the little terrorist that resides with us.

And now about the humans...

Hope has decided to speak with a British accent.  Awl. the. toym.  I think we are on day four of this adventure.  Most of the time we don't know what in the world she is saying, but we smile and nod alot.

Nick got contacts this week.  Pretty awesome, and more evidence than the voice cracks that he is growing up and becoming a man.  Sigh.  He is getting all geared up for baseball season, as his basketball season will be coming to a close in a couple weeks.

Kyle's quote of the week:  "Mom, if you hear a large fart, it's just my iPod."  Please don't ask me to 'splain that, because I haven't the slightest.

Vinny went to his first dance last Saturday night.  He spent quite some time prepping himself for it...shaving, grooming his nails and eyebushes, and coordinating his outfit around his fedora.  Sweet.

Vince and I celebrated Valentines Day by going out for dinner at Ciatti's Italian Restaurant in LaCrosse.  We went early to hopefully avoid the big date crowd, which was a very nerdy yet smart idea.  We arrived at 5:15 without a reservation and were seated at a table right by the fireplace.  Cha!  Have I mentioned before that my husband rocks at giving me the most awesome, original, and romantic gifts ever?   


This year he got me a heart shaped box filled with gourmet, handmade Artisan chocolates. 

We are savoring one or two a day, and yes I am sharing with him.  Mostly.  He also got me a "Wonder Woman" christmas ornament. 

That is extra special because it compliments the "Superman" christmas ornament that I bought for him for our first Valentines day together in '08.  And as if that weren't off-the-charts awesome enough, his next gift brought me to tears...

...a pewter statue of a knight in (shining) armour riding on a horse.  Sword drawn, ready to protect and rescue me at a moment's notice. 

I love that man.