Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let it be, yea let it be!

Have you ever gone to do something, and then right before you begin something inside you says "you know...this might not be a good idea." But you decide to do it anyway and then once you start you realize that it really WAS a bad idea, but you are already on your way and can't turn back?

Yesterday was picture day at the middle school and for some INSANE reason I decided to trim Vinny's hair. Do I really know how to trim hair? No. So why did I decide to do this? And on PICTURE DAY??? Number one, because I am an idiot. And number two, well, the kids' school pictures are going to be sent out to everyone in both sides of our would it look if everyone sees that we haven't gotten Vinny's haircut since before the wedding? Am I not being a good mom? Am I not taking care of the kids? Hmmph. So I just trimmed the bangs and a little around the ears. It didn't look bad when he left, but of course it was still wet and combed, so I had a small crumb of hope that it would be ok. I was wrong. Vince got home before I did last night, so I called & asked how bad it was. I didn't get the "oh it's not that bad" response, so I knew it couldn't be good. I got a pause, then a "yea....he looks somewhat like a Beatle." Oh great. When I got home I surveyed the damage and had to concede that yes, he did look somewhat like a Beatle. Paul or Ringo, you pick. He would have looked really awesome about 40 years ago! Vinny was very gracious about it tho (I love that kid). I asked if he hated his hair and he said "Yes! You made me look like a mushroom." Luckily no one threatened to beat him up.

Three things: 1) I will never again trim anyone's hair. Ever. 2) I am taking Vinny to get a REAL haircut today. And 3) Picture re-take day is in October!


  1. Hey babe...don't be too hard on yourself! You did what you thought best at the time and hey!? He's all set to go as one of the Beatles for Halloween, right? :)

    I love you!

    ~ V

  2. hey Lisa, those of us who were there and heard and seen the Beatles live..well thank you! alot of great music and great memories during those years!! at least from this blogger! Michael wanted to see them in Minn. for only 5.00 dollars but his folks..just weren't cool what can we say :-^ but i did the same thing to'll have to ask him about it sometime..not a good memory!! Grandpa Les had to help out but not before the next school day. well tahnks for sharing! have a great weekend :-) love debbie