Friday, October 10, 2008

Life at our house

Here we are, Friday night at our house! Vince & Trevor just finished watching a movie and are now watching the Red Sox & the Raves, talking and laughing...the rest of the kids are upstairs messing around. Aaaaand I just heard a big thud and alot of screaming. Hold on while I go investigate....ok I'm back. It's all good. They are sitting around the computer watching a "Fred" video on youtube (it's this teenage kid on helium who imitates a 6 year old girl). I probably don't want to know what that noise was. Hope has a friend here and they are having a sleep over. Earlier they were practicing in their band (Kyle is the drummer). It is pretty awesome to just be hanging out at home....the only thing missing is Brittany ~ we miss ya, hon =) Here are some pics I just took within the last hour!

So as I was downloading those pics I decided to share some other pics from this summer! Here is Kyle on his birthday on July 15th! We started a new tradition of making a big banner and everyone signed it.

The (collapsing) baseball cake and the birthday boy!

Nick's 11th birthday on August 4th!

Ok, this was SO CUTE!! Hope surprised Vince and I one morning by making us breakfast...peanut butter toast (with our initials in it) and milk served in wine glasses.

One Saturday night I told Kyle to lay out his clothes for church the next morning. So when I went in to check on him before we went to bed, this is what I found.... rippin' cute is THAT???

Trevor & Nick messing around while we were visiting our friends' the Marleys

Ok, this is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Kyle and Hope had laid out all of their stuffed animals (ok they have more than this). And Feliz went and laid herself down in the middle of them....can you find her??

Vinny's horrible, no good, very bad haircut (remember, I trimmed his bangs on picture day). Here he is at the salon right before he got a REAL haircut!

I don't know these people.

I took Kyle and Hope to Rochester one day to visit Vince/Dad at work at Mayo, and we went out for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Billotti's.

Walking down the hall to Vince's dept...I just think this is such a precious picture.

The first day of school (Trevor was still in the shower).

Hanging out on our bed, doing homework.

Well, there I am (with Nick & Kyle)....I actually DO live here!
I'm just usually the one taking all the pictures =)

Ok, I've saved the best for last.....

This is Vince wearing Kyle's underwear as a do-rag.
I'm not sure if there is anything more I can say about that.

Yes, sir, that's my baby! No sir, I don't mean maybe!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our lives since our wedding!
I promise to post more pics more often!


  1. Donna Canell10/11/08, 2:37 PM

    Really been missing you guys, this makes it even worse.Looks like tons of fun and life at your house, can I come and live with you? I'm sure there are wonderful little moments going on all the time, we need to take time to notice them like you guys. Thanks for reminding us of that. Love, donna

  2. Yes, Donna you can come and live with us!!! With all the bodies coming and going through our house, it may take us a few days to notice that someone has moved in, but you are more than welcome anytime =)

    We miss you guys too and need to see you soon!!! Thanksgiving is still too far away.

  3. Hey! Nice pictures! Thanks for the updates. I will show Tom if I can catch him before he goes to bed,,, once in bed, he doesn't move for much. (:))))

  4. Lisa: Thank you for sharing your family pictures. You all look sooo awesome!!!! I saw Brittany in church a couple of Sunday's ago. She's as beautiful as ever.

    Your an awesome family!!!!
    Love Debby Penzkover

  5. Thanks Debby :) We miss everyone back in Baraboo too!!