Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Halloween was interesting at our house! Vince and I were busy taking Trevor to Rochester (he is in the process of blogging about all of that if you are not already in the know). So, my mom & her fiance' came over to help the kids carve their pumpkins and took Hope and Kyle trick or treating. Vinny & Nick went out with a group of their friends, on a mission to go to every single house in town. From the haul they brought home, I think they were close to accomplishing their goal! They all had a blast.

Here are some pics of the pumpkins (veggies and kids) When Vinny & Nick got back from their adventure, it was a frenzy of candy & stories and then bedtime routines started up and I completely forgot to take a pic of them! Oh well.....imagine Nick all dressed in Vikings attire from head to toe (including hat & mittens) as he was dressed as a Vikings fan...and Vinny was a "beat up skater" with his skater shirt, shoes, and helmet, along with a bruised up face (makeup of course).

Here they are...Hopie as "Juke Box Jill" and Kyle as a "hunter dude"!

The aliens have invaded!!!

The following pics are from a halloween party the kids went to here in town last Saturday. They really had fun!

This is Kyle one of his best buddies Michael

And this is Hope and her new best friend Destiny.

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