Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An awesome surprise!

I surprised Mr. Wonderful on Sunday night...which is not an easy thing to do. For two reasons...one, I'm a terrible liar. I really am. Not only am I a terrible liar, but I'm also really bad at detecting lies. I tend to believe people which often makes me somewhat gullable. I would make a terrible cop.

"Oh, you didn't do it? I'm so sorry! I should have known. How could I think that. You can go, and please forgive me." See?

Anyway, WOW, that was a ramble~! I was talking about lieing, er - I mean surprising my husband. The second reason why it is not easy for me to surprise him is because he knows me so well. I had been planning this surprise for several days and the whole time I was trying not to let him see that I was up to something. It must have worked, because aside from a few things that made him go "hmm", he really had no idea.

And then there's a third reason why it was not easy.....I have the HARDEST time keeping a secret! I can hardly stand it! But this one was so worth it! Wanna know what it was???

It was this!
KANSAS played a free outdoor concert in Rochester, and they just happen to be Vince's favorite band! And he had no idea! You can read the details about it on his blog (we are blogging at the same time about it! Tehe) But let me just say this...it was so much fun surprising him with this, and just as much fun being by his side watching him enjoy the concert (I did too...Kansas is awesome!) It was a wonderful time....one that I too will treasure :)

Oh, and this was the spectacular view across the river of downtown Rochester, right behind us...

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  1. YAY! We have to lie, I mean surprise our husbands sometimes. I am so happy you were able to do that for him.