Saturday, July 03, 2010

I can't make enough sense out of any of this to come up with a title

It's 4th of July weekend!  We have friends coming tomorrow and we are so excited to see them and have some fun!  Partially because of that, and also because it's just necessary, I decided early this morning that today would be a major spring cleaning day at our house...ok, it's not spring anymore as evidenced by the sweltering heat and the humidity in our garage that makes it feel like I'm in a jungle and should start singing the Banana Boat Song.   Daaaaaaay - O!  But nonetheless, we got alot done today.  Vince finished making homemade strawberry icecream!  It was delish beyond belief.  I have never made icecream before, so it was extra special for me.  I finished organizing our basement, Vince and the boys organized and swept out the garage, and I got several many loads of laundry done. 

I started using Borax and Washing Soda in our laundry and I really like the results.  Cleaner and fresher laundry for one. I think the colors are brighter too.  It might be my imagination, but don't spoil my fun. I went online to see how much of each to add, since we have an "he" frontloading washer and I don't want to wreck it.....not like the dryer.  I don't think I've mentioned that I went to do laundry the other day and opened the dryer door, only to have it fall almost to the floor.  Hmmph.  What in the world?  Of course asking the children what happened to it caused all kinds of stuttering and I don't know's and not me's...that is until one of them fessed up that it "might" have had something to do with his friend (and subsequently everyone else) decided to climb INTO the dryer during an over zealous game of hide-and-seek while the 'rents were gone.  That might have had something to do with it..Ya think? 

Is it just me, or does the Allstate guy look like he has a plastic head?

Oh, and to end the suspense, I thought I'd let you know that after spending some time in Barnes and Noble last Saturday looking at their Nook (and wiping off my drool, you know since it was the display model and people prolly don't want me to drool on it) I decided I want a Nook instead of a Kindle...but not yet.  I have a bookshelf full of books in my room - only half of which I have read.  So, to discipline myself (and put off the purchase a little longer) I've told Mr. Wonderful not to buy me one until I have read all the books that I currently own.  Otherwise I don't think I will read them, and alot of them I really want to.  So I'll prolly get a Nook in about 10 years.  Woo hoo.

Time for bed...outdoor church service and picnic tomorrow!  I think I'll bring my camera, it's been neglected lately.

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