Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I just have one question...

...actually seven.  I have seven questions.

1)  How much awesomeness did James Durbin have on Idol tonight?

2)  How mad am I still that Casey was voted off?  Best not get me started on that.

3)  I am intrigued by the show "Extreme Couponing".  Even though every episode that I've seen so far is basically the same with nearly the exact same ending, I still feel compelled to watch yet another episode.  However, someone please 'splain to me why some of these people have purchased so many items that there is NO HUMANLY POSSIBLE WAY to use them in any normal life cycle before they expire.  Seriously, could anyone possibly use 60 bottles of hot sauce in their lifetime? 

4)  Ok, I take back my previous question.  I just watched a woman purchase $1800 worth of groceries for $22.  I'm not even kidding, which leads me to my next question...

5)  Can I start couponing and sale-surfing and save us such a large amount of money that we can take our family of 8 on vacation to Aruba for $3.98...all without losing my mind? 

6)  Why are Nathan's hot dogs on the grill so RIPPIN' AMAZING??!

7)  Why does my husband have twice as many blog followers than I do, when he only blogs about once every four months now?  Sumpin's not right, I say.  Wait, did I type that out loud?  What I meant to say was how proud I am that so many people are aware and intrigued by how fascinating my Mr. W is :) 

I just have to share this quote by my son Kyle today, as he and Hope were getting ready to leave for school on their scooters...

"Hope, we have to stay together because if you fall I'll help you up.  And if I fall, I'll man it up, cause I'm just Kyle that way."

...and that's why I love being a mom!