Sunday, June 21, 2009

A father's day

We had an absolutely fantastic day!! After a great church service, we drove to Sparta, WI and met Brittany and her fiance' Bill at a park for a picnic! It was about half way for both of us. Sparta (and this park actually) is special to Vince and I because we met there several times when we were dating. It is a beautiful little park near a creek, and even though it rained on and off all afternoon we still had a wonderful time.

We had grilled burgers and hotdogs, some very yummy strawberries and grapes, chips and dip, and Britt brought some homemade potato salad. Our first picnic of the summer! We played some games, played at the playground, and performed "skits" on the little stage that they have there. It was a perfect day....except that we missed Trevor and Nick. (Trev was at his girlfriend's house all day and Nick is in the boundary waters in northern MN with his dad.)

Doesn't it look like Kyle was photoshopped into this picture? Either that or he's gone through the drive through at the bank with me one too many times.

Brittany and Bill...I absolutely love this picture!

Erkel also made a cameo!

Vince got some very special gifts from the kids...

...that really touched his heart.

A great father's day for an amazingly wonderful father and husband.
You deserved it, baby. I love you!

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