Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's my boy!

Nick had a game tonight and I got to play with my camera! Win-win!! Well actually they lost, but I don't care. (Ssshh, don't tell him I said that) because he looked *dang cute* in his uniform (don't tell him I said that either....cute? Oh the horror!) I do not hide the fact that I'm a proud mama!!

Here's a look at my handsome first born son on the pitcher's mound...

And doing a happy dance after scoring a double play!!! He caught the ball very close to firstbase and tossed it right out of his glove to the firstbaseman!! (And please don't tell him I said happy dance, he might not let me come to his games anymore)...

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  1. What great pictures of your son!

    Thanks for following my blog and I hope you come back soon for a visit!