Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A happy day!

This is my Christine!

We are so totally BFF's! We have been best friends since, well - forever! Actually since this....

Christine has been there for every significant moment of my life (and many insignificant ones too)...
Lots of hairstyles...oh my word. Is that a side pony tail??
Yes. Yes it is.

Through the years there have been many, many moments like these...

Together we have gone through Jr. High, Highschool, college, boyfriends and weddings. We've shared pregnancies and kids and all things in between. Now, we live about 2 hours apart and because of all our kids' activities and life busyness, we don't see eachother nearly often enough. Sigh. Sometimes I go into withdrawals and I just need my Christine fix!!

Well, on Labor Day I got my fix! Vince and I and our kids met Christine and her kids (her husband Mark unfortunately had to work) at a very fun park half way between our towns. We spent the afternoon picnic-ing and chatting while the kids played. It was an awesome and wonderfully therapeutic afternoon!!
Ever since highschool, we've had many talks about wanting our kids to be BFF's just like us, and despite the distance, that appears to be happening...

...which makes our hearts very, very happy!

Psssst, Christine....guess what happens in exactly 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days from today. Actually, right now??? I'll give you a hint...look at what time I posted this.


  1. That is so awesome that you have been gff's for so long. What a blessing you both must be to each other.

  2. Lisa, this was such a great post! I wish I had a 'Christine'... you are so blessed!

    So, what is happening then???
    xoxo, Veronica

  3. Yes, our friendship truly is a blessing! I would not be who I am without her in my life.

    And the "2 years from now" thing is referring to 11-11-11. It goes way back to highschool for us, we used to set my digital watch alarm for 11:11am so it would go off in history class, then when that happened on Nov. 11th it just became a thing that we would celebrate every year. We have honestly called eachother every year on Nov. 11th as close to 11:11 am or pm that we could!

    I thought of posting the whole story on my blog, but thought it would just be a big long ramble that no one would get so I didn't :)

  4. It looks like you all had fun on Labor Day! Lisa, weren't you a turnip or onion or a rutabaga in one of those pictures?

  5. HA! Yup. I was the onion, Chris was the retabaga.