Monday, September 28, 2009

Exactly one year and three months to the day since our wedding, he calls me a psycho.

I knew the day would come. It was only a matter of time. Through all the "you are wonderfuls" and "you are amazings" I kept telling him "someday you will think I'm psychotic". He would always adamantly rebuke me, saying "don't talk about my wife like that!"

Well, it appears things have changed now. After a little over a year of marriage, reality has set in. It's amazing how things change once you live with someone for a while. It didn't happen right away though, it took a series of forehead crinkling and head shaking events to bring my husband to the inevitable conclusion that he is married to a crazy person.

Maybe it's been the giggle fits that tend to turn into hysterical fits of laughter when I'm tired. There have been a few of those, the first of which caught him completely off guard. He wasn't sure what was going on, and was a little scared - which made it all the more funny to me. Most recently it was prolly the jumping around in the parking lot that just occurred minutes ago, which I felt I needed to do because I have been sitting for like 6 hours and I desperately needed to move. What.

I do feel a sense of relief. Now that my true colors are showing, in all their crazy vibrance, I can relax. It's too late for him to run. The funny thing is that he still finds my crazy antics cute. Oh, that he will still feel that way in ten years!


  1. You are funny! It reminds me of someone I know, I wonder who? Myself? :) My husband still thinks I am wonderful after 9 years of marriage... so dont worry, true love never dies.

  2. dear sista, WELCOME to the family!! if you were guarding yourself..what do you think we were doing(hehe:)All i can say is relax and enjoy the ride! now that it's out and when you look around and find you are amoungst like minded people ...well God's in the details! :) enjoy this day! debbie

  3. Haha! You are so funny Debbie :)