Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where oh where are you tonight?

Why did you leave me here all aloooone?
I searched the world over and thawt I found true love
You met another and pppphhht, you was gooooone!

Sorry....too many Hee Haw episodes with my dad.  So of course, I just had to start singing this with the kids, and of course they were like "what are you singing?" so of course I had to go find it on youtube, and of course I have to post it here for all to enjoy!

...and of course, now I've got them singing it too.  Hey, who knows who the celebrity guest was???  I do, tehe :)  Again, it's my dad's fault.  I used to love to watch Hee Haw with him.  Maybe that's where all my problems started?

So where oh where have I been and what in the world have I been doing, since I haven't been blogging much? Well, let's see,

Living life with 5 kids at home....'nuff said there.

Visiting my friend Lori who is in the end stages of cancer.  She is in hospice care now and I've been going there to see her almost everyday.  Lots of emotions involved...sadness, for all the people she will be leaving behind who love her.  Especially her husband.  Regret, for all the times that she wanted to do something and I was too busy.  Joy, for her reward in Heaven awaits her and she will get to experience it soon, and meet Jesus face to face!    Gratitude, for the friendship that we have.  A new perspective on life, as I realize all the everyday blessings that I take for granted...such as how good a hot shower feels, snuggling in my warm bed with our new flannel sheets that are soft as little baby butt cheeks!  How beautiful the snow and frost covered trees were the other morning with the sun shining through them, and remembering how much Lori enjoys nature and photography (almost) as much as I do.

And we are continuing on our reorganizing projects at home.  Our storage room is nearly complete and all our "stuff" is nearly all organized where we want it.  At least for now...don't tell my husband, but I change my mind alot.  He's such a man - he thinks things through, makes a decision, and goes with it.  I am such a girl - I talk about things that I am thinking about and he mistakenly assumes that when I say "let's do it this way" that it's a decision and not an idea floating through my brain which could change at any moment.  Several times over even.  It drives him crazy, but that's how I work.  It's the bingo wheel thing.

We had SUCH a great yesterday!  I made pancakes for the kids for breakfast, then we all got going on our bedrooms and Saturday morning whining, no complaining, and very little dawdling!  Everyone was done by 12:30pm and we enjoyed the rest of the day!  Big improvement from last Saturday, which was a whiney, yelly, cryfest until well into the afternoon (sigh).  But sticking to our (smoking) guns last week yielded some fruit this week, as everyone worked hard and felt good about themselves.  Vince and I had a couple hour shopping date, complete with a stop at Starbucks (heart!)   Then it was homemade pizzas, Toy Story, and our own version of cold stone! 

So here I sit, just finished a whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter and nutella (hello) and I need to go shower for church.  Have a blessed Sunday!! 


  1. I'm glad I can replace "Pants on the Ground" in my head with this song now. :-)

    So sorry to hear about your friend Lori. My prayers are with her, her husband and you during these final days.

  2. just a thought ..while god gifts you and your friend Lori with time..little or a lot. if Lori can still laugh..well that wonderful song stuck in your head..get your bibs out and if you have a lap top drag that along with your next visit and an old straw hat and do your best lip sync job possible! have fun and have her remember how to laugh! enjoy :)

  3. what a sweet picture!! precious. and yes, a child like faith

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