Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday fantastique

It's still Christmas on my blog.  I am aware of this.

And I know that I really need to change it, but I don't know how.  Vince, being the wonderful geeky tech master husband that he is, built me a new computer that stores and backs up my pictures in a much better way than the old one.  But the trouble is that Picasa - the photo editing program that I use to make my blog header on - can't find my pictures on the new computer and therefore won't upload them.   GAH!  And it won't listen to me when I say "THERE!  They are over THERE!  Go over THERE!".  It is very stubborn, that Picasa.  So, until I figure it out (translation...when Mr. W gets sick of my whining and decides to figure it out for me) it will continue to look like the North Pole on my blog for a while.  That's ok, the elves are cute.

We have had an awesome Sunday today!  It's such a nice reprive after having strep throat visit our house and terrorize our lives for the past few weeks.  Hope was the first to get it, then me....then me AGAIN (seriously??) and now Kyle.  It has more than overstayed it's welcome, but hopefully my Lysol wipes and idle threats have scared it off for good.  Church was awesome today, followed by lunch at Subway and dates with our kids...Vince took Hope to the new Justin Bieber movie (oh yes he did) and I took the boys shopping and to Starbucks...yum! We hesitated at letting her go to the movie so as not to encourage the boy craziness that is already hitting young girls her age, but were pleasantly surprised to hear that JB is a christian, prays with his band & staff before every concert (how cool is that?), and highly values family.  Hopefully he stays grounded in the midst of all of his fame, fortune, and temptations that young celebrities face. 

So, that was our day so far.  Now everyone is home involved in various activities and we are about to gather to watch the Grammys and have some "family time"...Sunday fantastique!

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