Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Do you see it?

This morning, as I was driving Kyle to his grandparents' on my way to work, the bluffs were amazingly beautiful!  All the trees were covered in a beautiful layer of bright white, freshly fallen snow, and I told Kyle to look (he was distracted by something else because, you know, he's 9).  He looked out the window and said "Wow!  That's so cool....Mom, it looks like God."

"Look...that part of the hill right there looks like His face.  And His hair.  Do you see it?"

I do now, son.  Thanks to you.  I was tempted to take the opportunity to tell him about how all of creation worships God, that nothing exists without Him, how everything was created with love and beauty, and go on from there.....but I refrained.  I decided to let the awe and wonder of the moment be just that.  And let God be God to my son and I, in that moment. 

And He was.


  1. Even though i am sick of the snow, I have to say, beautiful pictures!

  2. Glad to see you back at blogging....

  3. Thank you! I've miss it...just been very busy living life!