Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's too bad I have nothing important to say

Nothing at all. 

One would think that I would, seeings how I am on day 6 of a 10 day hiatus from work and have had plenty-o-time to think up something important and enlightening to write about. 

But one would be wrong.

I have in actuality done very little thinking this week.  I have been MUCH too busy wrapping and unwrapping presents, napping, and drinking iced mochas from Starbucks to put together a meaningful thought, much less a string of them to put into something worth writing down.  But, really...when has the absence of a coherent thought ever stopped me from running off at the mouth, or as it is - on the keyboard? 


I read a really great book this week. 

I got it from my son Nick for Christmas, and once I started reading it on Christmas day I only put it down long enough to brush my teeth and go to bed for 8-ish hours on Sunday night.  Then I was right back into it on Monday morning until I finished it.  It was amazing.  The best book I've read in a long while.  It did make me think, actually.  Alot.  About the reality of the spiritual realm that exists all around us but we rarely think about.  And about the power of prayer.  Incredible.  I highly recommend it.

Hey, I guess I AM capable of putting together a thought or two after all!  But apparantly only in short, fragmented sentences.  At this point.  Oh well.  At least it's something.

I got out of the house for a little while today.  After dropping my son off at basketball practice...and by the way has his basketball coach not heard that it is CHRISTMAS VACATION??  I was less than thrilled that my sleeping in plans were interrupted at early o'clock to take my son to practice by 8:30 in the am.  Anyways, after I dropped him off I had two hours to putz around town, so I went to my favorite store to check out the "after Christmas deals".  I got exactly no "after Christmas deals", but did pick up a vegie scrubber and some little measuring cups that I don't need, but am certain will revolutionize my vegetable cleaning and measuring tasks in profound and unexpected ways...

Then I bought a newspaper and some coffee and sat in my car until my sweaty teenage son emerged from the school.  It was boring and uneventful and I loved every second of it!

I had such high expectations for this week.  I was going to clean my house room by room.  And catch up on all of our laundry.  And get all the Christmas stuff put away.  And then, with all the rest of the week that would for surely be remaining because of my proficiency at getting those aforementioned things done, I was going to catch up on my scrapbooking (of which I am about 5 years behind). 

How am I doing so far?  Well, I cleaned my bathroom!

Actually, no.  I prepared to clean my bathroom and took the rugs down to the laundry room.  I may or may not have actually started the washer, then I promptly sat down on the couch because I am on vacation.

I got our Christmas letter written and sent out!   

Well, actually no.  I emailed it.  That still counts, doesn't it?  This was our first year doing a "digital" christmas letter, and I LOVED IT!  It was fun to create, and not only were we able to send them to many more people than we would have if we would have printed them out and paid for postage, but we have been hearing back from lots of the people we sent our letters to, and you normally don't hear back when you snail-mail them, so YAY! GO DIGITAL CHRISTMAS LETTERS!   We may be doing that every year from now on.

And as far as putting the Christmas deco away, I have seven Christmasy things sitting on my dining room table that I removed from my kitchen counters today.

There you go. 

In between all of my intense laboring, I have done a significant amount of piano playing, hangin' with the kids, napping, reading, and relaxing.  And I don't regret a minute of it!

Now, we have just finished dinner and I announced that "we" would now commense with the putting away of Christmas.   My poor husband was under the delusion assumption that I would be doing this during the day while he was at work.  Silly man.


  1. You make my day when I read your rants. Sounds like your writing. I remember that so well. You always had a way with words. Miss you girl!!!!
    Maybe sometime we can connect!!

    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!!

  2. Said husband...not exactly happy. ~ V