Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just a Saturday

Sitting here in the house while you guys are all out doing your things...Kyle and Hope at the park with friends and the dogs (Lord, have mercy...really).  Vinny's mowing the lawn (and hopefully that's all you are mowing, bud :)  and Nick's hanging out with the girlfriend.  Really?  Did I just type that?  Who said you could grow up, my son?  Hang on while I come downstairs and bug, I mean check up on you :)  Just in the past month you have turned 15, gotten your permit, and your first girlfriend (well, you know, besides those "drinking fountain buddies" as you guys call them).  It has been an amazing summer watching each of you grow and change.

It is at once delightful and terrifying.

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I am trying my best to simplify things in our lives so that we can enjoy each other more.  Less clutter of stuff and things to do, less time on the computer and in front of the tv.  I'm learning that the house doesn't have to look perfect and the work all done in order for us to have fun and for me to enjoy our home and our time together.  It is precious to me, as are each of you.

Vince will be home tonight from his week-long trip to San Diego...yippee and praise the Lord!  You have been SO very missed, my love.

I am loving the sounds of our home today...the breeze through the windows,  the chatter and laughter of you running in and out with your friends, puppies panting, and the song playing on the stereo right now:

"You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of us".

Yes, Lord.  You most certainly do, in ways that only You can.

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