Saturday, December 08, 2012

Those days are over, and Brain Flatulence: Doorbell Edition

Note to self: The days of whipping your head around while jamming out to the Surf Punk's cover of Ballroom Blitz like you did in 1989 are over. Although really fun and nostalgic, if you try that now you will nearly give yourself vertigo. Your kids will not think you were cool (in fact they will be quite horrified), and you will have to take a Dramamine and go to bed.

Moving on...

Hypothetical. If your doorbell rings at 9pm you should:  a) Answer it right away. It might be your 15 year old son whom you accidently locked out when he took out the garbage, or b) Ignore it for another 20 minutes because you think he is just goofing off. The correct answer is A.  If you choose B (hypothetically) your very cold and angry 15 year old will not forgive you until the next day.


If our children survive my parenting and actually reach adulthood in a relatively healthy mental state, it will be a miracle.  A series of many, many miracles actually.  

And maybe some therapy.

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