Friday, January 12, 2007

Dog snot

I don't really read the newspaper a whole lot. Or watch the news for that matter. I generally page through the paper while eating lunch at work. I don't actually read it, tho. I skim the headlines so I have a vague and general sense of what might be going on in the world beyond my immediate circle of existence. I have been known to say, days after the fact, "what? there was a hurricane that wiped out thousands of people? what? there's a war going on?" It's not that I don't care, it's just that I'd usually rather think about things that have happy endings.

Anyway, today was the exception to my head in the sand rule. The headline on the front page of the newspaper today caught my attention so I actually read the entire article. It is about some potential legislation that would ban cell phone usage while driving, and would also impose stricter fines for not using a seat belt in Minnesota. One of our state senators, whom I learned from this article is Steve Murphy, was apparently talking to a reporter about keeping the fines minimal for these offenses. He is quoted as saying "we're trying to set it up so the dog snot doesn't get beat out of the offender."


Dog snot? Really? Are you kidding me? Not that I have a huge problem with dogs or snot. I live with both of those on a daily basis. I have even been known to walk around with dog snot on my pants for an entire day. I just didn't expect to read it on the front page of the paper, coming out of the mouth of my state's senator.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really not a prude. I don't mind if someone uses slang terms such as dog snot. I think it's quite amusing actually...but seriously. I wouldn't necessarily use the term dog snot at work. Or at church. And I for sure wouldn't use it if I was in public office, speaking to a reporter who was writing every word I said down on his spiral notebook, in order to publish it in newspapers across the state! I might choose some more professional language.

But I'm actually glad he did say dog snot. It gave me a big chuckle and something to ramble about. I may even read the paper more now just because of that!

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