Thursday, January 11, 2007

I just needed some pull-ups!

Tonight Kyle and I had some alone time, which was really nice. Nick went to "open gym" at school with his friend, whose mom picked him up. I decided to get Kyle into his pj's a little early so we could just sit in the recliner, watch "Jimmy Neutron" and snuggle 'til Nick got home.

Good thing I did, because I realized that we were out of pull-ups. I knew that the night before, so I wrote myself a note and put it in my purse. I even put the empty package on the hutch by the back door so I'd be sure to see it on my way out this morning and thus remember to get some today. Nada.

So we had like a half an hour - plenty of time to run to Shopko and get back before Nick got home. So, we get to Shopko, I get out of the car and wait for Kyle. Then I hear the car door slam, followed by a blood curdling scream from my 5 year old. That can't be good, I thought. So I run around the car and see that he has slammed an appendage in the car door (again). He did the same thing about a year and a half ago and broke his index finger. This time it was his thumb.

So we go into the store and I'm holding his hand because he's dripping blood all the way to the bathroom. One of the employees followed the blood trail and offered bandaids and an ice pack. You may know that I don't like blood, or any type of injury for that matter. I generally feel like passing out, and almost have many times. But being a mom has really toughened me up. Especially being Kyle's mom. Being the wild child that he is, injuries are common occurrences at our house. He's been to the ER twice, and I contemplated taking him in for this, but a nurse happened to be in the bathroom with us (this was no coincidence, I'm sure!). She didn't think I necessarily needed to take him in so we came home. (In the mean time I had called Kyle's dad to come over and be there when Nick got home.)

He's sleeping peacefully now, but he'll probably lose his nail. And I'm sure he'll be milking this injury for all it's worth for some time to come!

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