Monday, October 22, 2007

Heroes, holodecks, and knowing where I am

Well, it was another great weekend in often do you hear THAT phrase??? Oooops! SORRY!! Some Minnesota smart-talk coming out there ;) Pardon me while I clean the tomato splat off my computer screen......

Ok, better. Now seriously, I meant what I said ~ I had a wonderful time with Vince & the kids in Iowa! We went down on Friday and spent the weekend at Vince's sister Donna & Dave's house in Cedar Falls. We were able to spend some quality time with them, as well as his other sisters Debbie, Denise & Randy and their kids. I had such a great time talking with everyone (and giving Dave some much deserved crap)! On Saturday we attended Vince's nephew Blake's wedding and had such an awesome time. Hopie was a flower girl and oh my, what a CUTIE PATOOTIE she was!! She was stunning...and daddy got a little choked up seeing his little girl looking so grown up, which I found to be just as precious as she was. The entire wedding was beautiful - it was held in an old theater in downtown (Waterloo? I still don't know where I was for sure, but it was either Cedar Falls or Waterloo...) Anyhoo, wherever it was, it was just gorgeous! Lots of special touches, including the groom singing "You Needed Me" to his bride...which his father sang to his mother at their wedding. Tear. And the father of the groom and mother of the bride also sang a couple songs. The moment Hopie walked down the aisle was so could just see the excitement, nervousness, and anticipation on her face as she had her moment of glory ~ a princess! I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet many of Vince's former in-laws, who were so very gracious.

On the way to the reception, Vince gave me a tour down "memory lane", driving me past the home where his family lived during his highschool years ~~ Oh! Oh! We were in Cedar Falls, not Waterloo! Whew! I feel better now that I know where I was. We also drove past his old highschool & college stomping grounds, which was very cool to see. The reception and dance was awesome. It was such a joy watching the kids interact with their cousins, aunts & uncles and grandparents....meeting more family & getting to know them a bit....having a very yummy dinner of spaghetti & fettuccini alfredo (the bridal party had bibs with their names painted on them - how cute was that?!) But the highlight of the evening (and of the entire weekend actually for me) was dancing with Vince for the first time ever. And to the YMCA, no less! Ha! And no, honey, you did NOT look like a dork on the dance floor as you feared you would.....even tho you can't do the YMCA ;) What were you doing in the 80's anyway? Playing with your Star Trek figurines??? As Jessie need to go to the Holodeck and type in "1980's dance club" or something and learn it. There WILL be a quiz at our company Christmas party, you know that don't you?? Muah...! I love you, baby!

The only bummer was on Saturday when I had a melt down about missing my boys. I hate spending entire weekends without them when they are at their dad's. I miss them so much sometimes it hurts. Sigh. Tears. But Vince loved me through it, as heroes often do =).
Aside from that, it was a wonderful weekend and went by too quickly, as they always do. Always wishing that there was more time together....and there will be when we go down again for Thanksgiving, this time WITH my boys (yay!)
We.....have.....been.....talkin' it out......on the Barry Gibb Talk Show......talkin' bout chest hair......and crazy cool medallions................

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