Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Sweater

This is a quote from one of my favorite musicians, Rich Mullins, who died in 1997 at the age of 42 in a car accident. I found this story online, and thought I'd share it. He often told this story in concert when he sang his song "Ready For The Storm". I never did see him in concert, unfortunately, but I love his music and the ministry that he had. I don't actually feel like a "lonely sailor" at the moment, although I have at times in my life. I just love the message in this story (and the song)!

In Ireland, the women would knit their own special designs into the sweaters the men would wear to sea, because the waters there could be so very rough and treacherous. So treacherous that if by chance their ship were caught in a storm and the crew lost, their bodies would be beaten and broken beyond recognition by the time they reached the shores. The only way at times for the women to recognize them would be by the designs on the tattered remains of their sweaters...

You know, one day, after all our trials and tribulations here on earth, we're all gonna wash up on that other shore, beaten and broken beyond recognition. A couple of angels might walk by and shake their heads saying, "Man, we really need to get this garbage cleaned up..." And as they stoop to carry away the tattered figure, Jesus walks up, stopping them in their tracks. He stares quietly for a moment, then, with a loving smile he points and says "No, wait...I know that one...don't you see...that's my sweater..."

"Ready For The Storm" - Rich Mullins

The waves crash in, the tide rolls out
It's an angry sea, but there is no doubt
That the lighthouse will keep shining out
To warn a lonely sailor.
The lightning strikes and the wind cuts cold
Through the sailor's bones, through the sailor's soul
'Til there's nothing left that he can hold
Except a rolling ocean.

Oh, I am ready for the storm...

Oh give me mercy for my dreams
'Cause every confrontation seems
To tell me what it really means
To be this lonely sailor.
And when the sky begins to clear
The sun it melts away my fear
And I cry a silent weary tear
For those who mean to love me.

Oh, I am ready for the storm...

The distance, it is no real friend
And time will take its time
And you will find that in the end
It brings You me, this lonely sailor.
And when You take me by the hand
You love me, Lord, You love me
And I should have realized
I had no reasons to be frightened.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Nice story and song, tears to the eyes.