Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Bees!

It's Saturday! And a beautiful one at was 45 degrees today! This morning we got up and made pancakes, which has become our Saturday morning ritual - yum! I have the most bestest ultimate pancake recipe of all time, in case you are interested. I will share it. Then Hope and I were off to a baby shower at church this afternoon. It was so much fun - girly stuff! I don't get nearly enough girl time these days, especially grown up girl time. God has been convicting me lately that I really need to make more time for girlfriends. I can't be just mom & wife all the time. More on that later...

After Vince and I got home (me from the shower and Vince from bringing Trevor to drop off some job applications and then to his girlfriends for their winter formal tonight) we got to work. Our house is abuzz right now...all the bees are at work! The kids are in various stages of doing their weekly jobs and cleaning their rooms...Kyle Bee is busy vacuuming the entryway and stairs. It's funny, he was the one who was protesting the loudest about doing his job, but now he seems to be having the most fun! Hope Bee is cleaning the upstairs bathroom...she loves to clean and help out so we rarely get a complaint out of her. In fact, she just came and asked if she could do our bathroom too because it's fun (I said no, honey, we'll do our own bathroom!) Vinny Bee just finished the downstairs bathroom...after some protests and attempts at negotiating doing his job at a different time, he willingly got to work and the bathroom is sparkling! Nick Bee has his room done and is waiting until after dinner to do the kitchen with me because I, Queen Bee, am making dinner and doing dishes. King Bee is working on the drywall in Vinny's room. That man really loves his projects...over the past several months he has carved out time to get all of the electrical wiring finished in Nick and Vinny's rooms, and once it is inspected, will be able to finish their walls (finally!) The boys have been so patient. Oh, and Trevor Bee weazled out of doing his room and job today...he's a sneaky one, that boy! Supper is almost ready, then we will be sitting down to eat supper and probably relaxing and watching a movie tonight. So there you go...Saturday at our house!

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