Friday, April 17, 2009

In defense of my most blonde moment ever

Have you read a certain husband's blog from Wednesday?? Hmmm...he must have forgotten that addendum to our marital vows that read "thou shalt not tell the entire world when thy wife loses touch with reality."

Well, in my own defense (and I use the term 'defense' very very loosely here) I just have to say that in our crazy life it would not be that unusual for wildlife to be bounding through the house. Especially with children who are oblivious to many things...including but not limited to closing doors.

It is not outside the realm of possibility, am I wrong??

But hon, I forgive you for the breaking of the proverbial vow. I probably have nothing to worry about, really. It's not like your blog gets nearly as many readers as mine does.


  1. lol...Hey! Let's not loose sight of the fact that you're the one who thought a deer had taken up residence in our house! I can hear it now, 'Hey hon? while you're out, can you get some eggs? Oh yeah, and Bambi needs some Deer-kibbles too!' AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... kiss kiss!

    ~ V

  2. Good Morning Lisa,
    I read your blog and Vincent's What a hoot! loving it! :) just have a little phrase for you two..levity equals longevity! enough said. peace to you! enjoy this day ;) Debbie