Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Things I like the "idea" of, but don't actually like

1. Camping - Being outside enjoying nature, sitting around a campfire listening to the crickets and the sound of the fire crackling, watching lightening bugs, making smores and other yummy campfire cooked food. All that is awesome! If camping was that, and only that, I would go every weekend. What is not awesome is the fact that it takes approximately 49 hours to prepare for a camping trip. And the probability that it will be 110 degrees in your tent and not the slightest breeze all night is increased exponentially when I am part of the camping party. Oh, and there will also be one mosquito that buzzes around your head until 2am, and everytime it stops you wonder if it's going to sting you somewhere so you wiggle a little and it starts buzzing again. It is alot of work for a terrible night's sleep.

2. Golf - I really, honestly wish I liked to golf. I do. In theory it is very relaxing. The golf courses are so beautiful, and spending some quality time together with my husband, kids, or golfing friends as we walk along tees and putting greens is right up my alley fairway. But that's not exactly how golfing goes for me. For me, it generally goes more like this. Hit the ball off the tee so that it goes flying kittywampus off into the rough. Walk in circles the equivalent of 6 miles through the rough to find said ball, while my golfing friends are happily continuing up the fairway. Find my ball, and then procede to hit it fifteen more times just to get onto the green...where my golfing friends are either a) patiently waiting for me and chuckling, or b) allowing the next party to play through.

3. Laying on the beach - It sounds so relaxing & beautiful, doesn't it? Laying there on a beautiful beach, soaking up some sun without a care in the world. However, in my experience laying on sand is not the least bit comfortable. It looks like it will be soft, but it is really hard and lumpy. And then there's the sand, which gets everywhere. Not a fan.

4. Being intimate with my husband on the beach - It is supposed to be incredibly romantic...the sunset and the waves crashing and all. While I have never actually done this myself, because of #3, I just know it wouldn't go well. And then there is always the chance that someone will see you, which would just be horrifying for all involved.

5. Eggs - I really don't like eggs, but sometimes I fool myself into thinking that I do. Well, actually the menu at Perkins tricks me. The pictures of their omelets always look so scrumptious that I lose my mind and just have to order one. Then I take a few bites and remember, "oh yea. I don't really like eggs." I can't tell you how many times in my life this has happened.

Disclaimer: I do love, LOVE my husband's omelets. They rock! Seriously! All others? Ick.

6. Exercise - I don't think I need to elaborate on this.

7. Gardening - I love to garden and if you ask me, I will tell you it is one of my hobbies! I look forward every year to planting flowers in pots and flower boxes on our decks. I truly do enjoy it, even the getting dirt under my fingernails part. I also love the idea of planting a vegetable garden. Picking fresh carrots, peas, green beans, and lettuce straight from the garden to the dinner table - well, there is nothing tastier than that! And if that were all there was to it, I would have one in a heartbeat. So why don't I actually have a vegetable garden? Because I hate to weed. They really shouldn't call it gardening, they should call it weeding because that is 98% of what it is. I'm not committed enough for that kind of labor and I simply don't have the time. I also have no idea how to plant or care for most green things. I know from experience that a vegetable garden would soon turn into a big ugly weed patch that by August I would just tell the boys to mow over. This is why God invented the farmer's market!

So, there you go...more than you ever really wanted or needed to know about things I think I like but actually don't!


  1. You are too funny! I agree with you on the exercise part, who invented it anyway? Running, when a person can slowly walk, getting all sweaty for no reason, hurthing the knees for no purpose than losing weight..(which is a good reason, but.. nah, not for me)