Monday, July 06, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oooh, where to begin. I haven't posted a "Not Me" in several weeks, so I have a virtual plethora of things that I have, umm not done, to choose from...
Such as the "Snowy Blessings" sign that isn't still hanging on my wall above my piano that I put up as a Christmas decoration and have since left up because I don't have anything else to hang in it's place. And even though it's July and over half the year is already over, I am definitely not considering leaving it up (you know, the sign that really isn't there) until next Christmas because now it's actually closer to next Christmas than it is to the last. Not me!
Upon deciding on Saturday to make a spontaneous trip to my hometown to spend with my best friends' family, I did not pull a dirty and embarassingly wrinkled shirt out of our hamper and put it on because that's the one I wanted to wear, and we were going to be hanging out at the lake anyway. Especially when I had several clean shirts hanging in my closet to choose from. That is gross and I would never do that!
And I definitely did not procrastinate about ordering more contacts until I was two weeks into my last pair, which are only supposed to be worn for two weeks in the first place. I am way more responsible and on top of things than that! It also wasn't me who, while still waiting for my new contacts to arrive, sprayed hairspray in my eye and thus ruining one of my contacts. How careless that would have been had I actually done that! Then, about five seconds later I absolutely did NOT procede to spray hairspray directly into my other eye. That would be pathetic and even more blonde than this. Well, maybe...
So, there ya go...just a samplin' of some of the dumb things I may or may not have been doing as of late. If you want to read about all the embarassing things that everyone else at Mckmama's bloggy universe have not been doing this week, hop on over to her blog!

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