Friday, October 16, 2009

Craving deep waters

Sometimes I feel like I am just living life on the surface. And that is not like me. I am a person who craves intimacy, meaningful moments with those that God has blessed my life with. But for some time now I have been feeling pulled in so many different directions. Life seems so rushed and busy all the time and I am spread thin. And I'm floating down this crazy river of life on a raft, when I'd rather be on a pontoon...really living in the moment and taking the time to pull up to shore and enjoy the beaches.

Time relaxing with my husband...just us. No distractions.

Coffee and conversation with a friend...

Alone time with each of our kids...where I can just focus on them. One at a time!

Time alone with God. Real time, where I'm not rushing off to work or to bed. Where I can just sit and read and pray for a while.

These are the things that I feel like I don't do enough of. It sounds really easy and logical to tell myself to just make the time. Let everything else go, and make the time. I know that is what I need to do, but something always seems to come up and steal the time away.

So now here I am, on the eve of another busy Saturday. We had fun and got alot accomplished...Kyle had a flag football game this morning, so we braved the cold morning in our winter coats and ear muffs to watch. Eight year olds playing flag football is so cute (don't tell him I called him cute). It's kind of like T-ball...the kids aren't really sure what to do, but if they happen to get the ball they run!

And here are some of those meaningful moments I've been craving, even if it was out on the football field...

Meaningful? I'm thinking so.

After that, Hope, Vince and I went shopping for halloween costumes and got some cool stuff for the boys - Nick and Vinny are going to be Mario & Luigi, and Trevor is going to do something gross with liquid latex on his face. Kyle already has his costume...a knight, but Hope has yet to find hers. She wants to be Pebbles but for the life of me I have no idea how to sew and we haven't found a Pebbles costume in the store, so we may have to find something else equally cute and fun. After lunch at a yummy local pizza joint, we made one last stop at the co-op for some nuts & seeds so I can make some more nutty butter, and my new love...home-made granola bars! I got the recipe from a friend from church (thanks Julie :) and when I made a pan of them last weekend they lasted exactly a day and a half at our house. I'll post the recipe and some mouthwatering pics tomorrow after I make them.

So after all those adventures, we came home and got some projects done...I finished re-organizing our kitchen cabinets (and have 3-4 grocery bags of stuff for Goodwill to prove it) while Vince was busy putting new brakes in the van. Then Hope and I spent a couple hours in her room - organizing and rearranging her furniture! It was fun, and more meaningful moments to treasure as she shared with me more stories about her memories and her important "stuff".

Meanwhile, Vince and Vinny are having some nerdy guy time watching Star Trek (oh, the memories...) Once that is done and the kids are safely tucked into their beds for the night, Vince and I will have some time to distractions, just us.

Hmmm....even amidst our busy life, I guess the waters really do run deep around here after all.

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