Monday, October 12, 2009

I love books!

Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite stores, not only because that is where I met Mr. Wonderful for the first time, but because being there is a whole sensory experience for me. Really. I actually get a rush when I cross the threshhold and enter the store...beginning with the smell of Starbucks Coffee, which I could easily become addicted to except I'm too cheap. I love the decor - warm and cozy - and the fact that they have couches. It just feels good to be there!

And then of course there's the books. I usually make my way to the "Christian Inspirational" section, but I check out the cookbooks and gift areas on my way there. I love perusing the shelves and finding one that has a really cool cover. Yes, I admit I judge books by their covers. If it has a warm design and a cool font, I'm hooked. I love how new books smell, and the sound of the binding cracking when I open them for the first time. I love the feel of holding a good book in my hands, and if I"m really in love with it I've been known to hold it up to my face next to my cheek. The book. In the store. I know, weird. And after I'm done making out with my book, if they haven't kicked me out of the store yet, I'll make my purchase and go get a cup of caramel mocha, curl up on one of their comfy couches and begin reading it.

Ok, I've never actually done that last part, but it sounds cool doesn't it? I totally would if I had the time.

If you haven't noticed before, I have a "Shelfari" on the bottom of my blog. Isn't it cute?! On it I have many of the books that I have on my real life book shelf at home. I actually have more books than that, but those are the ones that I really love. I am reading two books right now, "Get Out Of That Pit" and "The Smart Stepmom" , both of which are awesome. It takes me forever to read books - not only because I like to read more than one at a time, but because I like to underline the good parts, which when I'm reading a Beth Moore book I really have to hold back or I'll end up underlining the entire book! Not just underline...I also make stars, exclamation points, smiley faces and amens in the margins so that I can go back and find the good parts without re-reading the entire book.

But that's not the reason for this post. The real reason I'm writing about books is because I want to know what your favorite books are!! Because, you know it will give me a reason to go to Barnes and Noble this weekend :) Please leave me a comment and tell me your favorites (even if it's only one). Specifically books that have really made an impact on you spiritually - ones that you tell others about and say "you just have to read this book!"

Here are my top 8 (only because my favorite number is 8). You don't have to do the links, I just did because I can!

1. Captivating by John & Stasi Eldridge

2. Love and Respect by Emmerson Eggerichs

3. Hinds Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard

4. Traveling Light by Max Lucado

5. Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore

6. Believing God by Beth Moore

7. The Prayer That Changes Everything by Stormie Omartian

8. Just Enough Light For The Step I'm On by Stormie Omartian

So....what are yours??? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!


  1. Hey Lisa!

    I too LOVE books! I have very rarely been without a book to read since I was in middle school! I could spend HOURS in a bookstore! Here are a few of my favorites...not in any particular order!

    1) Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
    2) Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas
    3) ANY book by Francine Rivers! She's a wonderful Christian Fiction author and the church library has most of her books if you haven't already read them. Not sure if you're a fiction fan but they are worth reading.
    4) Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus (still reading this one!)
    5) Beverly Lewis books! I am fascinated by the Amish culture!
    6) Kinship and Courage series by Jane Kirkpatrick ( 3 book series of historical fiction!)
    7) Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
    8) Search for Significance by Robert McGee (currently reading)
    9) The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
    10) The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian

    Jenni :)

  2. Hi Jenni!

    Vince and I are reading Sacred Marriage too - kind of taking a break tho because I'm reading those other two books. I loved his talk at the marriage conference last spring. I have heard awesome things about Sacred Influence too, so that's on my list. I also have read Power of a Praying Wife, and Power of a Praying Parent - both are awesome too! I could have easily made a list of my top 20 :)