Saturday, July 15, 2017

A year in the life...

Birthday boy!  Happy Birthday Kyle!!  It's the big 1-6 for this guy.  We got him more than just his favorite granola bars, but this is what he chose to pose with :)

Vince made him this awesome cake, and also grilled steak.  That's it, just steak.   
That's all the boy wanted.

So here is a stroll (backwards) through the life of Kyle T over the past year, as seen and recorded by my phone...

I can't explain why I couldn't capture a normal face in any of these pictures.  But because he loves despises (feels contempt and a deep repugnance for) having his picture taken, I couldn't ask him to look up or he would have turned around.  So, I just sat in the car and watched him.  It was one of those unplanned moments in the heart of a mom when you just look at your kid in awe, seeing him become a man, and wonder where the years went.

Kyle's baptism!  
These guys and Pastor Brian from Pleasant Valley Church 
have become some of his closest friends.  

So proud of you, son, for your commitment to Christ!

Grandpa Leroy and Grandma Kathy look pretty proud too.

Uncle Kyle is pretty cool!

My baby holding our newest grandbaby...sigh.  It's so cute my heart hurts.


After 10 years of spending every summer of his life at the baseball field by our house, last summer was his last year with Rollingstone Rox.

And just because I need to....

The end.

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