Sunday, July 09, 2017

Grammie day and the poopie remodel

Yesterday was "Grammie Day" at our house!  I got to spend the afternoon with this little darling...

Bill came for the day to pick up their new bedroom furniture from Ashley, and also helped Vince and Kyle tear out the bar downstairs since we are under construction d/t a toilet malfunction and subsequent basement flooding. Someone went poopie and the toilet didn't flush properly and now we are remodeling the whole downstairs. Such is our life!  I suppose it's a blessing in disguise, because it's something we have been meaning to do, so now it's happening.

So while the guys were busy doing all that, Bekah Sue and I had the best time with her play mat!  I would turn it every so often, and have her sit up or stand her by it and it was like a new toy each time she had something new to look at or a new perspective.

I wasn't sure how naptime would go, but after a few minutes of crying when she got overtired, all was good.  Grammie for the win :)  

Rebekah also spent some time in her little walker, she just loves being up and busy! We read some chunky board books and I tried to tell her that books are not for eating, but she disagreed.  We had a great time, and she was very happy to see Daddy and Papa when they got back...


  1. Love the pictures of her with the giraffe!!! Also glad she was good for you!!!

    1. I know! She LOVED that giraffe :)