Monday, July 03, 2017

So since I suck at scrap booking, I'm going to start scrapping our lives on my blog starting with this past weekend which was amazing

Happy Anniversary to us!!  This past week we celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss!  It's hard to believe it has been that long, and yet it is also hard to imagine our lives before us.  In some ways, it has always been us.

On Friday I had a training in Minneapolis.  Vince drove up and met me at the hotel Friday night so we could spend the weekend together!  Just us.  No responsibilities, and no concrete plans.  Just 2 1/2 days to relax and do whatever we FEEL like we wanna do, GOSH!

Not only was Mr. Wonderful waiting for me at the hotel when I got back from my training on Friday night...

so was this...

Yes, he is the sweetest.  So, when we were ready for supper that evening, we went to the Green Mill that was part of the hotel.  We ate outside on their covered patio near the fireplace, it was so cozy and relaxing.  I wish I had taken some pics, but alas I did not.  Saturday we slept in, and had a lazy morning in the hotel.  We had wanted to go to Como Zoo and Conservatory for the day, but after driving all the way there we realized that holiday weekends + massive crowds + no place to park + every kid in Minneapolis = nah gah dah.  So instead we went here...

If we knew how to take a proper selfie, Vince's head wouldn't look twice as large as mine and you could also see the signage in the background, which says Granite City.

What a great place!  Loved the atmosphere, and the food was fantastic.  We shared a meatloaf sandwich, I had a rockin' salad with feta cheese and sweet pecans, and he had french onion soup.  It was all phenomenal. 

This is a growler.  Vince says you can have it filled with beer and then you can bring it back for refills.  We did not do that, but it's a cool idea.

I needed to spend some time outdoors, and this was the perfect place to do that in Minneapolis...
Minnehaha Falls Park!
We have both been there before, together not that long ago, but on that day we were both crabby at eachother so we didn't stay long nor did we enjoy it much.  But on THIS day, we were not crabby.  We were sufficiently relaxed and happy and had the most lovely time. 

There is something about waterfalls.  The sound of rushing water, the mist in the air, the cool breeze floating up and around us is so therapeutic for me, and one of my favorite things to experience.  And with this guy it was even better...

"For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light."
Psalm 36:9

When I wasn't busy being mesmerized by the waterfall, it was fun seeing the rest of the park...

It was worth the drive.

Sunday found us in Stillwater and OH MY GOODNESS is that a sweet little river town!  Our first stop...

We liked every wine we tasted and left there with three bottles and a wine glass, of course :)
Our next stop was downtown, where we got a great parking spot and walked along the river, watched the boaters and paddle boarders, had a fruity drink on an outdoor patio, and, well just look...

We are gonna have one of these someday!

  I love when he sings :)

We bought treats to bring home to share with the kids, which included marshmallows dipped in caramel dipped in chocolate with a cherry on top (pretty much to die for), chocolate dipped oreos, peanuts, and animal crackers.  They make the chocolate right there on sight, as well as huge pots of popcorn.  We bought the sea salt caramel corn and are munching on it right now in our living room at home.  It won't last long.

Oh, they also had red, white and blue "gummy army guys" so of course I had to buy an entire pound of them for Nicolas and will be shipping them to him this week.  TOO FUN!

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