Thursday, February 26, 2009

Under Construction...part 1

I know there will be a "part 2", so I might as well put the "part 1" on there righty now. I didn't mean to type "righty" but it's kinda cute, so I'm leaving it.

It's a half a snow day today! We are supposed to be getting this mongo blizzard today so school let out 2 hours early, which here means that elementary students were done by 12:10. So I got to leave early from ork (ok another typo that is kinda cute and made me think of Mork & Mindy, so again....leaving it in.) I have to admit that I love having to miss work to spend extra time at home with the kids! I'm not one of those working moms who wants to get away from my kids. I would be perfectly happy and content being a stay at home mom, but for now God has other plans for me so I'm going with it.

Anyhoo.....I'm taking the opportunity, while the boys are playing basketball downstairs and Hope is sitting at the table with me chattering away and coloring, to update my blog layout. I really want to do something cool like make it look like a scrapbook page with all kinds of cool fonts and embelishments....but I think those sites cost $$$ so I'll do the best I can with blogger. So don't be surprised if every time you visit in the next week or so, it looks different. My designing style follows my thought patterns which can be quite random and rambling. Like I told my friend Kari the other brain is kind of like a bingo wheel. I just keep turning the crank and eventually a thought pops out and then I just go with it. And if I have enough thoughts and they all line up just right, I actually have an idea!

Nanu nanu!


  1. Lisa, I love the new look! I also used a freebie from "Cutest Blog on the Block" for my new blog (under construction).

  2. Yay Julie!! I can't wait to see your new blog, I'm glad you are doing it. I have been reading "Mckmama's" blog and the others you sent me links to....inspired me to have a new look and to post more often too. I need to, it helps me with my sanity to write. Can't wait to see yours!