Monday, September 27, 2010

What happens when mama loses it...

...when she hasn't had enought sleep for many nights in a row, when she doesn't get home until almost 8pm and then has to face dishes and laundry and homework not done, and when the kids' fighting gets on her last frazzled nerve and she yells like a velociraptor and everyone scatters. Except for her husband who comes to her rescue with his calm, patient demeanor. But not in time to stop her from slamming carelessly dropping her beloved Pampered Chef Batter Bowl in the dishwasher whilst emotionally compromised and thus shattering it.


I'm just being real.

I could pretend that I'm "mom of the year" and never lose it, but what good would that do, really?  Just to keep things in perspective, I don't go around berating my husband or my children, or swear at them, or hit them with objects.  When I say "lose it", I mean I raise my voice a little too much, close doors a little too harshly and say things like "if I have to say it ONE MORE TIME I'm going to FREAK OUT!"  Oh, and apparantly I put the dishes into the dishwasher a little too hard as well. 


Am I alone here?

Someone make me laugh please.  I really need it. 

Here, this will do the trick...and give you a little insight into why I sometimes turn into crazy mom.  I'm going to watch this about three more times and then I'm going to bed.  Both will be good therapy for me.

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