Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wicked awesome!

I'm blogging!  I'm blogging!  HELLO!!!  It feels like fall, I have the day off, and I'm blogging!!!  I'm also scrapping (are ya ' a scrapper?), watching HGTV, eating nutty butter & nutella with bananas, and listening to Hope and Kyle playing together...without fighting (hallelujia!).  Is this an awesome day or WHAT?!!  It's long overdue...a day off where I can just lay around and do my own thing.  It is/was actually the first day of school for our kids...but the grade schools only have orientation in the morning and then they are off the rest of the day, so here we are veggin' out and enjoying life today! 

I'm about 4 years behind in scrapbooking.  So last night I decided to organize all my stuff, set up a card table in the corner of the living room, and get serious about it.  This was all spawned by my recent experience at my favorite scrappin' store evah....Archivers!  This past weekend, Vince and I had a wonderfully awesome little getaway in Minneapolis with his sister and brother-in-law.  Besides spending a day at the Mall of America, and thus a visit to Archivers (where incidently, I fell in love with a cricut and have put that at the top of my Christmas wish list), we went to WICKED!  This was my first real deal Broadway show experiece and let me just say, it was a-ma-zing.  If you have not seen it, do it.  Seriously.  Whatever you have to do, go.  Just go.  The music was fantastic.  The set and costuming was phenominal.  The story was intriguing and touching and hilarious!  Aside from the fact that we were packed in like sardines in that old, but very beautiful 89 year old theater (seriously, was no one fat in 1921? Those seats made airplane seating feel like you are sprawled out on your living room couch.  Even the skinny people were shoulder to shoulder).   But the show was so good that I was able to stave off having a claustrophobic panic attack for three hours, and enjoyed every single minute of it.

So here I am with some new scrappin' supplies, a renewed passion for preserving memories, songs from the Wicked soundtrack playing in the background and a few hours of "me time"...aaaaaah!  I'll write more later...

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  1. Good luck with your scrapping. I'm many years behind too but am plugging away a page at a time. I wish I had a scrapbook room!

    Wicked is one of my all time faves!