Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

I woke up this morning all ready to decorate for Christmas!  Christmas shopping yesterday with Donna got me all in the mood...the smells of cinnamon and baked apple pie candles, listening to Christmas music (which reminds me, I might want the new Lori Line christmas cd.  I haven't actually listened to it, but she's a brilliant pianist and she looks amazing on the cover, so it has to be good and they sell it at Hearts Desire - in case Mr. Wonderful is watching).

After Donna, Dave and Rose left this afternoon, we started with the Christmas decorating prep.  This involves my annual dusting & oiling of the woodwork, and cleaning of the windows, ledges and screens.  I realize most people do this in the spring, but we march to the beat of our own drums and loud clangy symbals around here, so when it's time to move the furniture around to set up the tree, that's when I do my deep cleaning for the year.  At least in the living room.

Once all the boxes were brought up from storage downstairs, and I finished my cleaning binge, I promptly took a nap until my boys got home from their dad's, and it was time to make supper.  Tonight it was chili and tacos...yum.  Then, the fun commenced.  The kids dug out their santa hats and began assembling the tree, with Vince's guidance and help - which I must say went very well this year!  No one broke out in fights or tears and Vince is learning not to be so militant about the tree being perfect.  We listened to my favorite Christmas album - Rosie O'Donnell Christmas (which incidently Vince hates, but he humors me - especially after I listened to Josh Groban and Andre Buccelli all afternoon with him).  It's just fun and it's a tradition for the boys and I to listen to while decorating the tree.  We didn't get that far tho...we got it all assembled and lights on, then it was time for bedtime routines.  We'll finish all the decorating tomorrow.

The house is in disarray, half Christmas and half mess, but we'll get there.  And we had a good time tonight.

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