Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Nice List

You know how Oprah has her "O" list of things she thinks are "just great"?  Well, even though I am no longer an Oprah fan because I think it is very possible that she is the anti-christ, when I used to get her magazine her "O" list was the first thing I'd flip to.  Nevermind the fact that most of the things on her list are insanely expensive (I will never in my life spend $128 on a bracelet, or $168 on a pitcher with a rooster on it), I did find it intriguing.  And since I am a "listy" kind of gal, I thought I'd create my own list of things I think are "just great".  Just because I can't keep these awesome secrets all to myself (and I need something to babble about) here we go...

~ The Nice List ~

Ok, What really made me want to do this list was my recent discovery of these....quite possibly the most tastey little cracker I've ever had.  I'm in love with them now, and the fact that they are really healthy makes them all the more irresistable to me (or at least it removes the guilt that I am indulging in a high carb snack). 

Hello.  That's all I am going to say about this, my favorite yummy lotion smell from Bath & Body. 

Ok, I rarely ever drink pop anymore, but I bought a case of Cherry Dr. Pepper tonight for the kids (Nick caught me at a weak "I wanna be the cool mom" moment and I caved).  So I tried some over ice, and may I just say oh. my. word.  My new favorite bad-for-you beverage.   

I am currently out of this candle....the yummiest most awesomest candle smell on the planet (hinting really loud to Santa).  I buy it at Pieces of the Past, one of my favorite stores in Winona, but you can also get it online (in case Santa asks). 

And what's a "Nice List" without it's antithesis...

"The Naughty List"

Topping the naughty list recently would have to be the city snow plow guy, who barrelled down our street and literally burried my husband and his snowblower while clearing the driveway - not once but twice
It was like something you would see in a movie. 

I feel like kind of a traitor putting this on my naughty list, but they disappointed me. They are called "WallFlowers" and are plug in oil fragrances from Bath and Body. I of course bought Warm Vanilla Sugar and also Vanilla Caramel - I got three of them actually, for our bedroom, kitchen and living rooms. Both scents smell awesome in the bottle, and for the first week or two that I had them, but they quickly lost their power and I really can't smell them much at all anymore. I don't think they heat up enough anymore to emit the fragrance. I used to get a nice burst of aroma when I walked into the house each day, but now I pretty much have to put my nose right up next to it to actually smell anything - which is neither convenient nor attractive. So, once I have used up the last of my oil refills, I don't think I will be keeping them. Nice try, Bath and Body, but you make me sad.


  1. I love Bath and Body Works, but I very much dislike the warm vanilla sugar scent...sorry!
    ooo! that pop picture makes me want to be naughty! HAHA that didn't sound right! It just makes me want some pop, ok!? :)

  2. Loved your lists....and certainly agree with you about "O"....good post.

  3. I have disliked O for quite some time now. The money spent on her favorite things give-away could be put to so much better use. Next, warm vanilla sugar....I do believe this is one of Mr. Wonderful's favorite scents!! Next, you are making me really thirsty for a diet coke. Next, you forgot to add the cooking days to the nice list. I'm really looking forward to our next one! And, I made the ring baloney thing last night, and it was awesome!!!

  4. Kari - yes, the "favorite things" giveaways are pretty indulgent, yes it is Mr. W's favorite scent, all the Cherry Dr. P is gone and now I want one too, the cooking day deserves it's own post (should have taken more pics!) and I'm glad you liked the kielbasa potato thing! I should blog about that too.

    Mary - thank you!

    Heather - ha :)