Sunday, December 12, 2010

We wanted a white Christmas, but this is a bit ridiculous!

We are burried in snow here in Minnesota.  Literally...reports are that we got 24-26 inches this weekend! The drifts were much higher.  It was blizzard conditions yesterday, and we were snowed in.  It would have been alot more fun if all our boys were home, but Nick and Kyle were at their dad's, and Vinny and Trevor were at their friends' both Friday and Saturday nights, so it was pretty quiet around here. 

We made the most of our little "snow-cation" though...Vince was busy making almond bark dipped cookies and homemade caramels (of which I took exactly no pictures....gah!)  We got lots of laundry done, I got in a few naps, watched Elf a couple times, and this evening we got the rest of the Christmas decorations put out.  I even mopped my kitchen floor - with a real mop and bucket this time, not just a damp paper towel to clean up the dirty spots, which is my normal m.o. 

Mr. Wonderful snowblowed the driveway twice...but first he had to get the snowblower out of the garage!

When the boys came home this afternoon, they were pretty impressed with the 4 foot drifts of snow on our deck...and when I *jokingly* told Kyle his job for the day was shoveling off the deck, he lit up like a Christmas tree and said "Really?  Awesome!"  and headed out the door to get a shovel.  Hope quickly followed behind and they had a blast.  Here he is, standing on top of and scooping snow off of our patio table...

Who needs toys for Christmas??  I think we'll just get them their own shovels instead.


  1. They could use you guys at the dome.

  2. Wow! These are some of the best pictures of the amount of snow that area got that I have seen so far!