Sunday, December 05, 2010

Things that were said in our house on Thanksgiving that I wrote down and decided to blog about because they were funny

"I wish I was a cow and had seven stomachs." - Nick

"I don't want a hairy butt!" - Donna

"I suppose I should be smart and stop, but I'm going to be foolish and stupid." - Dave

"I'm gonna kiss you 'till you're mad." - Trevor

"I like this communal living, I could do this if I had to." - Mua

"I feel all Christmasy!" - Hope

"Ewwwww...rotten eggs taste worse than centepedes!" - and several similar phrases said by people playing "Beanboozled" which is a game where you have to eat gross flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans and figure out what they taste like.  I wouldn't know because I refused to play politely declined.  Call me a wimp, but I just have this thing about not eating things that 1. taste gross, and 2. I don't know what it is.  Not only did they come up with some of the grossest flavors imaginable (including vomit and skunk), but I can't get over wondering how they made those flavors taste like that.  I really do not, EVER IN MY LIFE, want to play this game, or meet the person whose brain child this game was.


  1. Just found your blog and have enjoyed my visit. Plan to drop by again soon.

  2. Hey, just saw your blog about T-day. Really? out of all the things I said ( and we all know I say WAY too much ) my post gets to be about my hairy butt?......: ) claim to fame.
    Luv u guys. Praying you have a much better week.

  3. Ok, first of all...I agree with Donna.

    Second of all, we (minus me for the same reasons are you)have also played Beanboozled, although we didn't have a name for it. Poor Sam got vomit, boogers, skunk and dog food and laughed hysterically as he was spitting them out. Yick.