Tuesday, May 05, 2009

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color - brown & olive green
2. Dessert - turtle cheesecake
3. Smell - "Campfire Marshmallow" candles by McCall's Country Canning, Inc.

4. Flower - lily
5. Animal- dead...wait! no, I didn't say that did I? That's horrible. I would never say that. I "love" our dogs. But I would trade them in a heartbeat for a dolphin. And of course, a pool.
6. Month- September
7. Beverage- fresh squeezed lemonade with stevia. Seriously, it's easy and delish.

8. Pair of shoes- really comfy sandles
9. Snack- sweet: Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips; salty:
blackbean tortilla chips dipped in garlic hummus
10. Song- all the ones on my stereo at the bottom of my blog (which I changed so it doesn't play automatically anymore, you have to choose a song and click "play". It was annoying me.)
11. Book- "Captivating" by the Eldridge's. Every woman should read this.
12. Fruit- strawberries
13. Hairstyle- easy. And I kind of miss "big hair".

14. Piece of clothing- jeans and sweatshirts

15. Store to clothes shop-CJ Banks

16. Season- fall

17. Hobby - playing piano
18. Thing to collect- miniature grand pianos
19. Movie- Napoleon Dynamite or What About Bob.
20. Restaurant - Macaroni Grill, hands down! I still have not forgiven Rochester for closing theirs.

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