Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sometimes it's so hard to be famous

Ok, is it just me or do the people at Wells Fargo bank creep you out? Seriously. They are way too excited to see me and I'm a little scared to go there now.

"Hi Lisa!!! (insert huge, exaggerated smile). Welcome to Wells Fargo!!! How can I help you today?!! A deposit? Faaaabulous!! Is there anything else I can do?? No, really, ANYTHING?! (cue feign sincerety and more exaggerated excitement). Thank you SO MUCH! Have a wonderful day! See you next time!!!"

It's not just one teller, or even one bank. We have four WF's in our town and they are all like this!

Honestly, just a friendly hello would do. Even a "how can I help you" wouldn't scare me. "Have a nice day" would be acceptable. But no, every time I go there they act like I was their best friend in highschool and we haven't seen eachother in 22 years. Oh, and now I'm a celebrity. I swear, when I drove away I heard them kibitzing...

"Guess who I just waited on......Lisa Howard!"
"No way!"
"I got to wait on her last week. It was awesome!"
"What was she wearing?"
"Green shirt, white vest, black pants. So cute!"
"Wow. What a rush! I still can't believe it was her."
"What'd you get to do for her?"
"Just a deposit".
"Oh...last week I got to give her cash back."

I didn't hear the rest of the conversation because I had to ditch the paparazzi on my way to work.

Vince told me to mention the Stepford Wives. I said why (because I know nothing about the Stepford Wives). He just said "People will think that's funny". Oh, okay.


  1. I started a rumor in your town that you will soon receive a large inheritance. They just want to be first in line to get your money. :-)

  2. O.k., Napoleon! Go make yourself a dang quesedilla!

  3. I just saw your comment on my blog and it made me laugh out loud. Too funny!

    Us MOM's (Mothers of Many) gotta stick together!