Thursday, March 05, 2009

He loves me

This morning Nick had an orthodontic appointment and as we were driving in, I took the opportunity to put him on the spot have a heart to heart with him. Here is our conversation, as best as I can remember it....

Me: Do you feel like I hassle you alot?

Nick: Yea.


Nick: I don't even know what hassle means.

(Hysterical laughter from me!)

Nick: What, mom??

Me: If you don't know what it means then why did you say yes?

Nick: I don't know...I thought it was something good for some reason.

(More hysterical laughter)

Me: Nick, you just made my day! It means do I bug you alot.

(Pause while I make him listen to me sing along to Stevie Nicks "Leather and Lace" on the radio and tell him what an awesome song it is - the kids love it when I do that.)

Me: So, now that you know what hassle means, do you think I hassle you alot?

Nick: (Napoleon Dynamite sigh)...uhh...I don't know....I don't want to answer that.

(Once again, hysterical laughter accompanied by my son shaking his head.)

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