Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh what a difference a week can make!

Today was so beautiful!! In the mid 50's! Am I dreaming?? The kids spent a good part of the day playing at the park, riding their bikes and playing basketball in the driveway. It was so refreshing...

...when just last weekend at this very time the kids were outside shoveling the driveway! It had snowed a couple inches and we told them that we would order pizza for them if they got the driveway cleaned off, so they each grabbed a shovel and got to work! They actually had a pretty good time!

I didn't take any pics today, so you'll just have to take my word for it ~ it was beautiful! The snow is *almost* gone, and dare I say that spring is finally here! So I swung open the windows, opened all the blinds and let the sunshine and fresh air in! We spent the day at home doing various homey things...I did several loads of laundry, read an inspirational magazine (ok, ok, it was People. Get off me.) The kids cleaned their rooms before heading out to play, and Vince worked on his project for the day - cutting the pieces of oak trim for our kitchen island. A man with his toys tools is a happy man :)

There have been various comings and goings in our house already this weekend. Nick spent the day at a friend's house and is currently at the high school play with some of his buddies. Vinny had a friend sleep over last night and spend most of the morning here playing. Hope had one of her girlfriends over this afternoon for a couple of hours, and Trevor is watching a movie downstairs tonight with a friend...I think we should install a revolving door on our house! If we charged admission we could make some serious cash!

I love it actually - love having the kids home and their friends here. Especially when they get up far too early for a Saturday morning, and consequently wake us up with their laughing, running, and yelling because Kirby was chasing them around with a big slobber goober on his nose :)

Poor Kirby, he can't help it that he's a dog.

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