Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Canvas (or "just kidding")

Ok, I am crying now. Wow.

My blog for today comes from someone else's blog. An amazing woman named Angie who has a blog titled "Bring the Rain". I love it. She is my very best friend just kidding no really she is a close friend just kidding ok we are aquaintances at least just kidding ok so I've never met her.

But her blog is amazing. (And I have been watching the "Judy Grimes" skit from SNL way too many times in the past 24 hours since I found it and posted a link to it on my side bar under "things that make me laugh").

You simply must read Angie's blog from yesterday. It moved me to tears and I can tell already that my heart is beginning to stir and God is up to something in me.

And I am not kidding.

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