Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Me!

It was so beautiful outside yesterday!!! I declare it officially spring and have busted out the capris and just so you know, I'll be wearing them until October. Well, not the same pair, I have several....which I discovered as I put them on yesterday fit far tighter than they did last fall. Hmmph. And even after Vince and I joined the biggest loser club online like two months ago?? Apparantly, joining the club is not enough. You have to actually do what they tell you. I don't remember reading that in the fine print.

Anyway, we wanted to grill last night, but the gas tank is empty so I made Tatertot Hotdish instead. (And by the way it's hotdish, not casserole. You are in Minnesota now. We eat hotdish). But even without the grilling, the kids still wanted to eat out on the deck! Vince and I wussed out on that, but kept the screen door open to listen to their conversation and antics. I love our kids :)


  1. I'm sure the closet shrunk the capris. :-)

  2. Yes, that HAS to be it!!! All other options are not acceptable.