Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol - Top 3

Ok, I raced home after worship team practice at church tonight to get home in time for Idol...I'm not sure where my theology is on that, but I didn't speed so I think that makes it ok, right?  Anyway, I missed Casey's first performance.  Sigh. 

Crystal Bowersox "Come To My Window" - loved what she did with the song...after the initial harmonica, which seemed kind of strange to me.  Not a big fan of the harmonica unless you are Billy Joel. 

Lee Dwyze "Simple Man" - I thought he did fantastic with this!  Love that he picked a not-so-popular song, because it showed originality and confidence that has been building in him.  I think the originality has always been there, but just recently he's really letting loose and showing who he really is and what he can do.  Well done!

Casey James "Daughters" - One word...beautiful.  This type of music is SO meant for Casey, even though I wouldn't put him in the same genre as  John Mayer.  He added his own acoustic style to it, which I (of course) loved.  I kind of agree with Simon in that the song didn't have a "climactic moment" so I'm not sure how that will be received, but based on artistic talent, he nailed it. 

Crystal Bowersox "Maybe I'm Amazed" - I'm kinda running out of words for how awesome Crystal is.  She really is.  She's got serious talent.  That is all.

Lee DeWyze "Hallelujia" - Oh, I'm excited.  I love this song........

Sorry for the long pause, but I was having a moment.  OH. MY. WORD.  I am speechless.  I have chills and tears in my eyes.  I am literally crying now.  And I hear Mr. Wonderful sniffling too!  All I can say is wow.  There are no other words.  Absolutely, incredible and amazing beyond belief.  That boy has just secured himself a career in music no matter what the outcome of Idol.

Best of the night:  Lee, by far
Probably going:  Casey....but for the record, I'm still a huge fan!

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  1. I thought Lee's performance of Hallelujah was fantastic! And I wasn't originally excited when they announced his song.

    I'm a Casey fan, but this will probably be the end of the road for him.