Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day

I had a fabulously wonderful Mother's Day! And a fabulous weekend actually...on Saturday we spent the evening (and into the night) at our very good friends The Marley's to celebrate someone's 40th birthday (who shall remain nameless but his name rhymes with Bone). There were many laughs and talks and sitting by the firepit and food (hello) and more laughs...hysterical make your eyes water laughing fits. I took very few pictures of the event because I was busy having all the fun!  Ok, I did take at least one picture...

Could you resist photographing that face (and the back of Grandpa's head)?  Neither could I. 

But before leaving for the birthday festivities, we declared  Saturday to be a "no TV, no computer" day at our house.  After the initial grumblings and forehead crinklings and discussions about relationships and communication vs. staring at a stupid box subsided, we all had a wonderful day!  The kids helped cook, played together, helped eachother with their Saturday jobs, and we had lots of talks and smiles and laughs before leaving for the partay.  THAT, my friend, is family.

Mother's Day was also very wonderful and special...beginning with Vince and I sleeping in until 10:37!!! Bells were ringing and I heard the hallelujia chorus playing sweetly as birds softly chirped outside our window. Although we were sad about sleeping right through church, it was AWE-SOME!!! When was the last time we slept in that late? I don't

The kids gave me some very beautiful gifts...

The kids also each wrote me a letter, which Vince wanted me to read aloud to everyone but I adamantly refused due to the cryfest that would have undoubtedly ensued.

Vince made my absolute favorite meal...Penne Rustica (see the recipe on my sidebar). The house once again was filled with the droolingly delicious aroma of an italian eatery covered in rosemary and butter. Can you say leftovers for lunch everyday this week?
And then of course I had a lovely time photographing this little cutie patootie ~ our eight month old grandson Jaden!

And Mr. Wonderful got me this incredibly unique and fun's a mat, but I can't bear to put it on the floor and have people step on it so I need to figure out a way to hang it on the wall.  Isn't this cool?

Thank you for a day, for a life, that I treasure.


  1. That party is going to go down in the flaming history book!!!! We're so glad you came and shared the day (and night) with us.
    Love you!

  2. We had an absolute blast! Worth at least three exclamation points!!!

    Love you too :)