Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Dozen time!

This week's Random Dozen theme is "one".  Click on the link above if you'd like to join the party (or just read about everyone else).  

Everyone who knows me knows that it's really difficult for me to pick just one of anything, so I'll try to answer without rambling too much...

1. What is one really fast, know-by-heart "go-to" meal to fix in a pinch?  Exactly what I made for supper last night because I had exactly 1/2 hour to cook and feed the kids before the boys had baseball and I had to leave for worship team practice (breathe)...spaghetti. 

2. What is one item you won't leave home without. (Purse and license do not count.)  My sunglasses!  I wear them whenever I go outside, unless of course it's nighttime.  My eyes are really sensitive to light, and if I squint alot I'll get a headache.  So I never leave home without at least one pair (I have 3 almost exactly the same).

3. Where is one place you never tire of visiting?  Does Coldstone count?

4. Share one factoid of your family's history.  My mom, my sister and I all have the same middle name...Marie.  No, I was not named after Lisa Marie Presley.

5. Complete this sentence: "Once upon a time I...." married my Prince!

6. If you could win a one year's supply of anything, what would it be? Ummm.....Coldstone?  Ok, that might not be the best idea, my waistline would scream.  Practical Lisa would choose gasoline.   

7. "One quirky thing you may not know about me is...." oh dear, to choose just one.  I have a strange affinity with numbers, especially 8 and 6.   They just make me happy, I don't know why.   Palindromes give me great joy and if they involve 8's and 6's I get all giddy.  Just ask my best friend Chris.  She is one of the few people who understands (and accepts) this about me, and she's the first person I will be calling in the next couple of weeks when my odometer reads 86,868!  And when it turns 88,888 I will be throwing a party. 

8. You have one dollar in your pocket. What will you buy?  Probably a Diet Dew, even though I'm trying to give up pop.

9. "One thing that always makes me laugh is ...." My kids and my husband make me laugh every single day. 

10. What is one thing you could do today to help yourself reach a personal goal?  Start an exercise plan like walking everyday for 30 minutes.

11. What is one thing you could do today to bless someone else?  Send a handwritten note.  People don't do that very often, but I just got two from friends in the past week and they blessed me immensely!  So I want to make a habit of doing that more often.  It means so much more than an email.

12. What is one thing you're looking forward to soon?  My husband and I have tickets to see Casting Crowns this summer!  Other than that,  just the little everyday moments are what I treasure.


  1. I love handwritten notes! Hardly anyone sends them anymore.

  2. Spaghetti is just too easy, isn't it? And, yes, Coldstone counts! Anytime ice cream is involved, it counts!
    Love Casting Crowns! Have a great time!

  3. I agree about the notes. I love getting them and I love sending them. Email is wonderful but its not the same.

    We don't have Coldstone here but we did get some last week at the beach. I had chocolate with coconut and butterfinger pieces. Oh my. Probably a good thing we don't have it here!